We have all heard stories of people who have had liposuction or gastric bypass and lost hundreds of pounds, only to gain it all back a few years later. In many cases, these people had an underlying problem that could not be treated through weight loss surgery. Without resolving the root cause of their weight gain, they could not maintain their results.

Perhaps you yourself have struggled to keep the pounds off despite several successful diet and exercise attempts or medical interventions. If you find yourself wondering why you can’t keep your weight down, holistic weight loss may be a much more effective solution for you.

What Is Holistic Weight Loss?Holistic medicine for weight loss is the best way to lose without gaining back. Treating the entire body is the key to success.

Our physical and mental health are inextricably linked. Your emotional state can influence the habits you form and impact your physical body, and vice versa. This means there are any number of reasons a person may gain weight, such as:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Medication with weight gain as a side effect
  • A thyroid problem or hormone imbalance that slows the body’s metabolism
  • Stress, anxiety and depression that results in excessive comfort eating
  • Low self-esteem or self-hatred that makes it hard to motivate themselves to lose weight
  • Poor eating habits that have been ingrained in their lifestyle
  • Financial and practical limitations, such as living far from a grocery store or being unable to afford healthier options
  • Previous diet and exercise programs that weren’t easily integrated into their day-to-day life

As you can see, each of these causes requires a separate solution. If someone is overeating because of high stress levels, they would need to learn methods to reduce stress or find another coping mechanism to lose the weight. On the other hand, someone taking medication may need to switch to a different prescription to see results.

Holistic weight loss programs take every aspect of your life into account – physical, mental, emotional and social – to formulate a solution that works for you.

Reframe Your Thoughts

Depression and anxiety can thwart the efforts of effective holistic weight loss. Dees Integrative Health can help! The first step toward a successful holistic weight loss strategy is being honest, yet kind to yourself. That may require changing your mindset toward your own body. Let go of any negative emotions you have about yourself because of your weight and think about weight loss as a positive step you’re taking for your own physical health and personal growth.

To maintain that healthy mindset, it’s a good idea to keep your stress levels low throughout your transformation. That can be easier said than done, but there are a few techniques to help you achieve this, such as:

  • Exercise – It’s much easier to lose weight when healthy eating is combined with exercise. Moving your body not only burns calories but also boosts endorphins and creates a calming effect that lasts long after your workout is over. Yoga and tai chi are particularly relaxing and low-impact exercises.
  • Meditation – A brief meditation or deep breathing session can help you start off your day on the right foot, gather yourself in the middle of a stressful day and decompress at night.
  • Counseling – In some cases, weight gain may be rooted in a mental health issue or traumatic event. A certified counselor can help you find alternative coping methods that won’t cause weight gain.
  • Widening your social circle – Loved ones can keep you accountable and encourage you on your weight loss journey. You may even have a friend who would like to lose weight with you.Taking care of your entire body and mind helps the positive effects take place in achieving your weight loss goals. Dees Integrative Health.

Set Achievable Goals

Even with low stress and good intentions, you may still find it difficult to lose weight. This could be because your previous goals were too vague or difficult to accomplish. As you set new goals this time around, focus on ones that:

  • Work well with your lifestyle
  • Are specific and countable (for example, walking five times a week for 40 minutes each time)
  • Don’t revolve around the number you see on the scale

Pair these achievable goals with healthy rewards. Instead of rewarding yourself with your favorite food in moments of stress or sadness, save rewards for once a week when you meet an eating or exercise goal. This encourages you to stick with your plan and continue moving forward without demanding too much of yourself.

Customized Weight Loss by Dees Integrative Health in Sarasota, FL

Weight loss is a process, and you certainly don’t have to go through it alone. At Customized Weight Loss by Dees Integrative Health, our team will work with you to craft a customized, holistic weight loss plan that doesn’t rely on fad diets that are impossible to follow. We work with you to find a solution you can incorporate into your everyday life while still getting the results you want to see. Call us at (914) 552-6686 to schedule your appointment today!