Ready to get serious about losing weight?

Real weight loss solutions are hard to come by. We’ve seen the numbers and heard the stories.

Maybe you’ve tried every new diet that has hit the market. Maybe you have a hard time holding on to motivation. Maybe you need some extra support to keep your hopes high while you make progress. Dr. Dees uses the newest technology to assist in the process. Advances in science and technology are happening at a rapid pace, and every area, including weight loss, is benefiting from that.

After all, we know that being overweight is not simply ONE health problem. It is a health problem that can create countless other problems. Just a few of these are:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Muscle loss
  • Bone density diminishment
  • Loss of self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Diabetes

Achieve Personal Success

After years of listening to the health industry go on about the newest research and diet fads, its normal to become numb to the message. We ask that you not give up because we know the truth: there are real solutions to the weight issues you are experiencing.

I’m Dr. Terri Dees, and my team and I have developed an effective weight loss program that has continually helped our clients earn incredible results. This program is not just more talk. We have years of real results to prove it. Be sure to read and watch these moving stories on our testimonials page.

No Compromises – Quick & Long-Lasting Results

Save and Easy Weight Loss

Many weight loss programs force you to choose between slow, yet longer-lasting progress, or fast, temporary progress. Using the newest nutrition and physiological research, our program can provide results that are both FAST and EFFECTIVE for you.

Despite the fact that these are cutting-edge methods, we can assure you that every treatment we use is safe and natural. Dr. Dees uses her expertise in traditional fat loss methods and the latest updates to get her clients in shape with minimal stress on mind or body. It’s a holistic approach that takes each customer’s specific circumstances into account.

Creating a Healthier Sarasota

We love Sarasota — and not just for the beaches and sun. We love the great people here, and every day that we get to help someone reach their weight loss goals is a good day.

Dr. Terri Dees is passionate about getting the people of Sarasota healthy, in shape, and out of pain. If you’ve finally had enough and want a safe, effective, fast, local solution, call today to schedule a consultation. There’s nothing we love more than helping another of our Sarasota neighbors.

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Weight Loss

I have lost 24 pounds in just 21 days. I was skeptical but I have to tell you, based on my results, I would recommend this to anyone who’s ever had a problem with getting weight off and keeping it off.

Duane Carney

I’ve lost 23 pounds, and 4 pant sizes in 43 days and it’s amazing. I love it.

Lowell K.

I lost 43 pounds in 40 days, this is the best thing I have ever done!.

Holly Reed

Kathy age 65 lost 36 lbs in 80 days!!

Tom lost over 27 lbs and 24% body fat!!

Kay age 78 lost 81 lbs!!!

Karen down 36 lbs and dating again

Mother Daughter lose weight together

Teresa down 16 lbs. in 40 days

Connie age 71 down 53 lbs!!!

Down 35lbs Fast!!!

Pain free and down 2 sizes

Down 12 lbs in 14 days

Down 20 lbs and 2 sizes

Lost 20 lbs and gained 2 lbs of muscle with no exercise!!!