New Patient Information


To begin, we have a full examination of your body and any injuries you may have or have had in the past. We have the best in modern technology, like digital x-rays, to find the extent of damage and injury present. Rather than solely relying on symptoms, we use these examinations to see if there are other ways of arriving at a clear picture of what may be ailing the patient.

New Patient Information - Dees Integrative Health


Once the presence of the injury is confirmed, our team goes to work crafting a custom plan to address it. We have a sit down with you to discuss what we’ve discovered and what we intend to do about it. You should feel very comfortable in understanding both your injuries and the treatment plan. Any questions you have should be freely asked so you can be a full participant in your process of recovery.


The plan that we discuss will then at this point be put into action. It’s our belief that every day you stay on the path of your plan, your pain levels and health will be improved. Re-examinations will take place throughout so we can ensure the plan is having its designed effect. If changes need to be made, we can make adjustments along the way. Chiropractors are great at adjustments!

For Your 1st Visit

Please fill out the New Patient paperwork prior to your first visit. The required form(s), in a PDF, may be downloaded, filled out, and turned in to our office assistant upon your arrival at our Sarasota office. If you are unable to complete the paperwork prior to your visit, please arrive approximately 15 minutes early, so that sufficient time is available to fill it out on site. If you have an insurance provider, please bring your insurance card to your first appointment. If you have digital or film x-rays that were taken within the past 30 days, please bring them with you. Upon examination further x-rays may be required.