Benefits of Chiropractic Symptomatic Relief

Treatment for Short-Term Injury

For those suffering from acute pain, Dees Integrative Health can help bring immediate relief. The focus of this short-term program is to evaluate your present injury problems and provide the best treatment solution to alleviate your pain. By considering both past treatments and your current situation, we will be able to come up a comprehensive plan to accelerate your recovery process from pain. Our symptomatic relief care is a powerful solution that can eliminate pain now.

Who’s Right For Symptomatic Relief?

If you are experiencing new soreness or sudden pain from a recurrent issue, this type of care is right for you. You might also be looking to prevent similar future problems, but primarily need immediate pain relief.

Your Path to Immediate Relief

To relieve sudden pain or injury on a short-term basis, start on our Symptomatic Relief Program today. Whether you’ve experienced a car accident, a slip and fall, or another unexpected trauma, we will develop a short-term plan to get you back to your best. If you live near the Sarasota, Florida area give us a call!

Benefits of Chiropractic Symptomatic Relief

Dr. Dees adjusting team members of Major League Soccer Champions Colorado Rapids