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Dr. Terri Dees


In 2012 Dr. Dees opened a chiropractic and wellness clinic in Sarasota, FL. As a contributing author to two NY Times bestselling books, Body by God and One-Minute Wellness, Dr. Dees has a thorough understanding of the holistic nature of wellness. Dr. Dees helps patients co-operate with the natural healing and recuperative powers of the body to achieve and stay at their optimal health.

Filled with the passion that comes from seeing lives changed without drugs or surgery, Dr. Terri Dees took to the airwaves to share her stories, knowledge and expertise. On Maximized Living with Dr. Dees, listeners got real answers to real health questions. Dr. Dees has also been featured on the syndicated talk show “Daytime” on WFLA NBC Tampa Channel 8,  in Tampa Florida and has been a repeat guest on SNN “Aging Gracefully on the Sun Coast”. Dr Dees has recently made appearances on ABC 7’s “Suncoast View” in Sarasota, FL as well.

Dr. Dees, a Canadian Science Scholar, received her Bachelor of Science at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. She earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, Georgia, graduating with highest academic honors and the coveted Clinical Excellence Award. Having studied alongside many distinguished leaders in chiropractic, and addressing chiropractic conventions across North America, Dr. Dees has served the chiropractic profession for over 16 years.

As an official team doctor for the US National Wrestling, Weight Lifting and Judo team, Dr. Dees traveled to the London 2012 Olympics in August and to the World Championships in October to keep members of Team USA in top condition. Every day, she teaches others how they also can reach their optimal health. For those struggling with common health issues such as musculoskeletal problems, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hormone problems, or excess weight, Dr. Dees will provide cutting-edge health information so you, too, can live your Maximized Life.

Dr. Terri Dees - Dees Integrative Health