Benefits of Chiropractic Corrective Care

Corrective Treatment on an Ongoing Basis

Dees Integrative Health will evaluate your spinal imbalances and develop a specific individualized Corrective Management Plan to restore optimal spinal health. Based out of our Sarasota, Florida office, we target spinal and repetitive injuries, using postural rehab to improve mobility and pain levels. We treat the root causes, which often clears up the resulting symptoms. Based on an initial examination, along with re-examination and post-analysis, we develop a customized holistic treatment plan to ensure you overcome your ongoing health challenges.

Who’s Right For Corrective Care?

If you’ve experienced ongoing, chronic pain from issues like disc degeneration, scoliosis, repetitive motion, past spinal surgeries or chronic sports injuries and are looking for relief, this program can help. Whether or not you’ve attempted treatment before, our comprehensive Corrective Care program is designed to provide you with safe and effective long-term relief.

Your Path to Ongoing Injury Relief

To treat ongoing chronic pain or injury, start our Corrective Care program TODAY. From spinal deformities to repetitive injuries, with comprehensive corrective care we will develop an all-natural plan to enable you to feel and function your best.

Benefits of Chiropractic Corrective Care

Dr. Dees adjusting members of US Womens National Wrestling Team